Academy of Thai Massage, Energy Work, Cupping & Earth's Metta


Our classes are all customized to meet the needs of the students or organization offering the workshop. Each class is taught hands-on where the student is guided by a master in their craft. Classes go far beyond learning postures/techniques and theory. 

Length of class is at the discretion of the class host, The content is determined by the class length and is at the discretion of the teacher.

Our mission is to help the student further develop their natural healing abilities and to become a better therapist in whatever modality they practice. — Vicki Ramsdell

Thai “Yoga” Massage, Introduction

No Pre-Requisite Required

Thai “Yoga” Massage – Level I

This course concentrates on joint mobilizing and stretching, with a series of assisted yoga movements, gentle rocking and acupressure.

Learn how to bodily practice loving-kindness and compassion, while improving your own flexibility, strength and alignment.

Explore many aspects of assisted yoga & Thai.

Learn how this “dance of spirit” leaves the client relaxed, at the same time invigorated.

Breath work and the beginning stage of energy work and how it effects healing.

Thai Level II

Begin the exploration of Thai energy lines and how they relate to health.

Advanced Thai Medical Massage I-4

Prerequisite: Thai Massage Level I & II

The Advanced class turns Traditional Thai Massage into a Thai Medical Massage, but with a much deeper energetic effect. Previous Thai classes have shown how the energy body responds to movement and pressure in session. In the Advanced Thai class you will learn how to move though spiritual realms for healing the emotional, mental, and spiritual self. Classes can consist of the following:

Table Thai Massage

No Prerequisite Required

Learn to convert a traditional Thai Massage session to Thai on the table for the comfort of the therapist and clients. Thai on the table means less effort for the therapist, less chance of injuring the therapist knees, back wrist and thumbs. The feet, single leg, arms, side-lying, prone, supine and advanced stretches are demonstrated and practiced. The Swedish style of massage will also be converted shown and practiced as a way to have the client experience an energetic eastern massage.

Thai Foot Massage/Thai Reflexology

No Prerequisite Required

Thai foot massage emphasizes the massage and is intended to generally stimulate the reflex points of the feet and lower leg, in order to stimulate the internal organs generally and encourage the free flow of energy though out the body. The reflex points of the feet are taught and are shown how to stimulate in the Thai tradition. The Jap “energy stick will be introduced and it’s proper usage. Sen lines on the lower leg will be discussed in relation to the four elements and the use in balancing the clients energy system.

Herbal Compress Massage

No Prerequisite Required

Listed below is the basic course, however, this can be extended per student request and desired level of training.

Herbal Bundles or Compresses is a part of Traditional Thai Medicine. This course is aimed at the students understanding of Thai Herbals within the context of Thai Medicine and how to make and use the bundles medicinally.

Private Thai 2-hour cumulative blocks

Cupping For the Modern Practitioner

No Prerequisite Required

Spa Cupping

No Prerequisite Required

Courses are geared for each class. The course may consist of the following :

Cupping for the Modern Practitioner, Advanced

Prior knowledge of basic cupping techniques required. You should be actively utilizing cupping for a minimum of 6 months prior to taking an Advanced Class.

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